What are The Dos and Don’ts After a Root Canal?

What are The Dos and Don’ts After a Root Canal?

June 1, 2022

A root canal procedure hurts, there is no doubt about that. Even with anesthesia during the procedure, you will still feel pain after the procedure. Therefore, proper aftercare is essential for preventing any infection and pain management.

If you have just had or planning to get a root canal treatment, you should learn about the proper root canal aftercare.

What To Expect During a Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

If you are preparing to go for a root canal procedure, you will probably have some questions. This may include whether a root canal huts, how long the procedure takes, or how the recovery time will look.

A root canal is a sip le procedure used for teeth that have decay within the pulp. This is done by removing the decay to save the tooth. Your teeth are made up of three different things: the outer layer, the enamel, which are among the hardest substances in our body. Within the enamel is the pulp, which has a network of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue.

The pulp is the part of your teeth that keeps them flourishing, but you will experience some tooth pain if something happens. Also, when it is damaged, it will be quickly infected, and this will cause you a lot of pain.

A root canal removes your pulp from the tooth’s surface before it is sealed. It is a relatively painless procedure since your dentist will use local anesthesia. However, you are like to wok yourself up and experience some anxiety during the procedure.

Root Canal Aftercare Procedures

The aftercare procedure can be divided into three stages, immediately after the procedure, over a few days, and future. Here is what you can do and avoid doing during this stage:

  1. Immediately After the Root Canal Treatment- What To Do?

The numbness caused by the local anesthesia may persist for a few hours. Keep yourself calm by sleeping or watching television. It is better to take a day off from work and rest.

What Not To Do

  • You should avoid eating any food until your numbness wears off. You should also avoid speaking during this phase of numbness, making you accidentally bite your tongue.
  • After your numbness wears off, do not eat anything that your dentist does not recommend
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not bite or chew food on the side root canal treatment has been done. Do not do this until you are completely healed.
  1. After a few days of a root canal Procedure- What To Do?

You should:

  • Eat soft foods that your dentist recommends
  • Continue with your medications as prescribed by your dentist
  • Brush and floss your teeth as instructed by the dentist
  • If the pain persists longer, you should seek help from your dentist immediately
  • If you observe any visible swellings in the root canal treated area or anywhere in your oral cavity, you should seek help from your dentist as soon as possible.

What Not To Do?

You should not:

  • Continue to chew and bite on the side where the root canal treatment has been done.
  • Smoke for a few days if you cannot avoid smoking completely because smoking can interfere with the healing process.
  1. Long Term

You should not miss regular dental appointments as recommended by your dentist in the long term. However, do not neglect future appointments, even if you are not experiencing any pain. In most cases, the dental filling used in the root canal is only used temporarily, and you may need to get a crown at some point.

This is because of the damage incurred during the root canal procedure. If it is severely infected by the time you make it in, it is quite likely that your tooth will need more than one cleaning and was likely damaged while undergoing the procedure. You should neglect any follow-up dental appointments. You should also get a dental cap or crown as recommended by your dentist

Where Can you Get Root Canal Treatment in Bronx, NY.?

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