Seven Unique Benefits of White Dental Fillings

Seven Unique Benefits of White Dental Fillings

October 1, 2022

Dentists recommend following a strict routine to ensure teeth are free from cavities and decay. Nevertheless, following this routine does not guarantee that your teeth and gums are free from bacteria infections and food debris sticking in your oral cavity.

The good news is that there is a solution to counter the effects of decay and infections in your teeth. This is by looking for a dentist who carries out white tooth filling near you. This is possible if you address the decay at its early stages before the cavity has spread deep into your teeth’s roots. Here are the unique benefits of looking for a dentist who can install white tooth filling in Bronx, NY.

1. Fixes Several Cosmetic Problems

For patients who desire less noticeable fillings that look more appealing, it would be best to opt for white cavity filling. Compared to amalgam fillings, white fillings are less noticeable and look better on teeth. This is since the dentist can make the composite resin to match the colour of the other patient’s teeth.

This implies that there are no limitations to what white dental fillings can fix and this cannot be said for other dental fillings.

2. Does Not Require a Large Amount of Tooth Structure to Be Removed

White dental fillings bond well with a tooth’s natural structure. This is different from larger amalgam fillings. This means that when the dentist wants to fix the amalgam fillings, they will have to remove more of the tooth structure so that the filling can attach well.

Therefore, if you have a small cavity that has created small gaps in your teeth, it would be best to go for white dental fillings.

3. It Is Easier to Spot Tooth Decay

It can be quite challenging to spot tooth decay when you have amalgam fillings. This is especially true if the decay is small or has not spread deep in the tooth.

The unique benefit of white fillings is that you or your dentist can spot decay that is close by. This is possible because the dentist uses a composite resin colour that matches your natural teeth, so it can be easy to spot a cavity in your tooth.

Moreover, it is easier for your dentist to spot any other issues on your tooth’s surface with white fillings than amalgam fillings. This is because the white fillings are the same colour as your teeth, and therefore if there is an infection or decay, the dentist can easily identify it.

4. White Fillings Can Camouflage Other Dental Works

White fillings are great at ‘hiding’ other dental works that your teeth have undergone. For instance, if you have a dental crown on your teeth, opting for a white filling can make it hard for anyone to realize that you’ve undergone that procedure.

So, if you’re uncomfortable with the dental procedure you’ve undergone and need a filling on your teeth, then you should consider getting white dental fillings.

5. Can Be Combined with Whitening Treatment Well

One option that you get when you choose white fillings is that you can combine them with whitening treatment to make your teeth whiter. If you have stains on your teeth and a cavity that needs to be filled, it would be best to go to BX Dental so that the dentist can fill the cavity with a white dental filling and ensure the filling matches your whitened teeth.

6. It Is Possible to Repair White Fillings

White dental fillings do not last as long as amalgam fillings but don’t worry. The good news is that if you have a damaged white filling, you can head to the nearest dental clinic, and the dentist will add more composite resin (which is white) to the existing one, and your filling will look as good as new.

This is different from amalgam fillings which, when they are destroyed, the dentist will have to remove them and replace them with another filling.

7. You Can Eat Hard Foods Anytime

After getting amalgam fillings, the dentist recommends avoiding hard foods for about 24 hours. The good thing with a white filling is that once the dentist has installed it, you can head home and eat anything, soft or hard foods.

This is possible as the dentist utilizes a special ultraviolet light to ensure the white composite resin attaches well to your tooth structure.