Dental Radiographs in Bronx, NY

Dental Radiographs

A radiograph is an x-ray image that shows the hard tissues and soft tissues surrounding the entire mouth, including both the upper and lower jaw. With this digital dental x-ray in Bronx, NY, multiple images (usually four) are taken using the small piece of plastic called a bitewing to focus on smaller areas of the mouth.

What Is It for?

This dental radiography x-ray in Bronx, NY is done routinely to monitor cavities. BX Dental will recommend a radiograph x-ray every few years if there are no oral hygiene concerns. Alternatively, if you or your dentist suspects any concerning hygiene conditions, like advanced periodontal disease or cavities, a dental radiograph may be recommended every 6 months.

How Does It Work?

The radiograph is taken on the inside of your mouth. Before you have any x-ray, you should tell your dentist if you are pregnant or have any possibility of pregnancy. You will also be asked to remove any jewelry or glasses. Your dentist will place a lead apron over your body to protect it from radiation.

During the radiograph x-ray, your dentist will position the x-ray machine on the left and then right sides of your head. When it is said and done, usually four different photos are taken. These radiograph x-rays will provide a complete arrangement of images of your mouth.

After your  x-ray, your dentist will review the film (which is usually digital) and may share the images with you to recommend treatment.