Preventative Dental Care in Bronx, NY

Preventive Dental Care

Your whole family can benefit from our preventive dentistry in the Bronx, NY. Children and adults alike are good candidates for preventive care. Statistics suggest that more than half of patients aged six to eight have dental caries on their primary teeth. Adults can also have cavities due to poor oral hygiene and consumption of sugary items. Our initial assessment could detect the subtlest symptoms or an underlying medical condition with oral symptoms.

Dental Exams

We perform dental exams to check for oral issues such as cavitated teeth, gum infections, bite misalignment, signs of teeth grinding or jaw clenching, and teeth chippings. We advise our patients to visit our office every six months for exams. We may ask patients to come more often, like every three to four months, when we suspect gum disease.

Dental Radiographs

We do dental radiographs, including X-rays, to check for hidden dental concerns. X-rays help in bringing out issues that the naked eye can’t detect. For instance, our dentist can reveal decay between teeth from the images and in tooth roots. Additionally, X-rays can show tiny cracks beginning to form on the enamel. Talk to our dentist about preventive dental care in the Bronx, NY, such as X-rays.

Dental Cleaning

We perform various preventative measures including prophylaxis, cleaning the teeth to get rid of bacterial plaque, and cleaning the thin biofilm that forms on teeth surfaces (this biofilm is responsible for bad breath and gum disease). Dental cleaning is carried out after receiving dental exams.

Importance of Preventive Dentistry in Bronx, NY

If you don’t check your oral health, it could jeopardize your overall health. Preventive care can lessen your frequency of getting restorative procedures. It can reduce your overall cost of dental care.

Preventive dentistry can help detect dental issues before they wreak havoc on dental health. For instance, if gum disease remains untreated, it can evolve into periodontitis, which causes jawbone deterioration and tooth loss.

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