Dental Deep Cleaning in Bronx, NY

Dental Deep Cleaning

One important thing that a person should have is healthy gums. The gums do more than just hold teeth in place, they are a living part of your mouth and keeping them healthy is not just a great way to keep all your teeth, but to ensure that you have great cardiovascular health as well. One important procedure for ensuring your gums remain healthy is a dental deep cleaning near you in Bronx, NY, also known as scaling and root planing. At BX Dental, our team of professionals will help you get the best periodontal health through this procedure. With scaling and root planing, you won’t have to worry about periodontal disease because it will be addressed during the procedure.

Why Would You Need Scaling and Root Planing?

The reason folks need scaling and root planing are usually because there are some health problems with the gums. Scaling and root planing are how dental professionals prepare gums that need to have surgery such as a restoration, but the procedure also ensures that any tarter or plaque that is below the gum line is removed. The reason this is important is that your toothbrush can’t get everywhere and when this happens, your gums are at an increased risk of receding from your teeth.

How is Scaling and Root Planing Performed?

There are two ways that dentists perform scaling and root planing. The first thing they will do is numb your gums with a local anesthetic so that you feel little to no discomfort. Afterward, there are two methods for dental scaling in Bronx, NY: manual scaling and ultrasonic scaling. The difference between the two is that manual scaling relies on a dentist to have an attuned sense of touch to know where the plaque is and clean it out. Ultrasonic instruments essentially crack the plaque with vibrations and wash it out of the area with water. Of the two procedures, the ultrasonic one is usually more preferred by patients.


Making an appointment to get dental deep cleaning in Bronx, NY is easy. Generally, appointments are made one quadrant at a time. Give BX Dental a call today to see if scaling and root planing is right for you.