Is a Dental Crown Required After Root Canal Treatment?

Is a Dental Crown Required After Root Canal Treatment?

July 13, 2023

Infected teeth typically have extensive and severe tooth damage. When the infection spreads to the fragile pulp within your tooth, it is quite painful. To address it, the dentist needs to treat tooth pulp with root canal therapy.

Following root canal treatment, you frequently require dental crowns. But whether you need it will depend on multiple factors – the severity of the tooth damage and the tooth position.

A crown might be the finishing touch you require to safeguard your teeth and maintain them sturdy for years to come. A dental crown is a “cap“ intended to completely encapsulate an existing tooth and gums while providing support to them. Check out further details if you have an upcoming root canal and crown appointment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Endodontic treatment in Bronx, NY, is sometimes referred to as root canal treatment. This dental process addresses internal tooth infections. To save the tooth and stop the disease from becoming worse, the dentist drills through the tooth crown and removes the affected pulp. Additionally, it could protect the tooth from recurring infections.

What is Dental Crown?

A tooth-shaped “cap” is the informal name for a dental crown. It is put on top of a broken tooth. It can be created from materials like metal or porcelain. Its purpose is to strengthen the tooth to shield it from additional harm while increasing its chances for long-term survival. Additionally, dentists cover root-treated teeth and dental implants with crowns.

Why Do Dental Crowns Need After Root Canal Treatment?

Since the dental caps are not under as much strain as the rear teeth, the front teeth rarely need dental crowns after a root canal treatment. Following a root canal procedure, the professional often places dental crowns for the following reasons:

It Protects the Tooth from Sensitivity

There is some degree of hypersensitivity in the tooth following root canal treatment. It may cause the nerves in some of your teeth to become more sensitive to cold and heat. After receiving root canal therapy, you should cover your tooth with a dental crown since this sensitivity might become a hassle. A dental crown can effectively reduce a tooth sensitivity level in your mouth.

To Keep a Natural-Looking Color

After receiving a root canal, the tooth color might change. A dental crown can offer a more natural-looking appearance and a whiter look to complement the surrounding teeth. It’s mainly beneficial if your tooth looks gray or severely discolored. After performing root canals in Bronx, NY, the dentist will choose a color for the ceramic cap that complements the color of your teeth.

Prevents Infection

Your injured tooth may become contaminated and infected after receiving a root canal treatment. Dental crowns serve more purposes than merely just looking good. To avoid tooth pulling, a dental crown is crucial in preserving your tooth from a dangerous infection.

Protect from Damage

The majority of teeth that require root canal treatment already had a cavity. As a result of the drilling or decay after a root canal procedure, your tooth may become weak. Regular chewing and drinking might make the effects on the tooth worse. It may result in tooth fractures and chips.

Following a root canal on your back-grinding teeth, the doctor advises getting a dental crown to prevent additional tooth damage. A dental crown covers the fractured tooth effectively.

Provide the Needed Security

Most teeth that require root canal treatment have already had a cavity. A dental filling prevents the tooth from developing any further dental caries. The dental expert uses a dental crown to repair any tooth that has previously received a filling and has had significant deterioration.

After a root canal procedure, a dental crown strengthens your tooth and returns to its functioning and health. It prevents your tooth from gradually fracturing into little bits. As a result, dental crowns serve as a security measure for a tooth broken into several parts.

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Following a root canal, the dentist repairs your tooth with a crown so that it will continue to operate normally. It will also make your smile more attractive and functional.