Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

January 1, 2023

What Is a Dental Checkup?

It is an evaluation that happens in a dentist’s office to keep track of your oral state. Usually, comprehensive dental examinations in the Bronx, NY, are dissimilar from checkups. Checkups must be regular to allow a dentist to keep tabs on your oral state over the years. Contrary, comprehensive dental exams are a lot more intent on finding problems, leading to the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases.

What to Expect at Your Checkup

When you visit us at BX Dental, don’t be too scared to ask questions about any treatments. Our dentists make it their business to inform patients about different procedures and how they can actively participate. In the same way, anticipate the following during a dental checkup:

  1. Questions about your general health – your dentist will not just care about your teeth. (S)he will ask questions about both your oral and body health.
  2. Information about your medical history – your dentist will ask whether you have been to a dentist before. The goal is to find out your experience since your last visit. (S)he will also ask to learn about any underlying health conditions and new medications, if any.
  3. Physical evaluation – the dentist will look in your mouth, examining your teeth, gums, and other oral features. Usually, dentists use a special light to check your mouth for any anomalies. The dentist will also use a gloved finger to touch different surfaces in your mouth, looking for tender areas or lumps and bumps.
  4. Digital tests – are done only when necessary. The dentist may employ x-rays if (s)he feels you require them for further examination.

How Often Must You Visit Your Dentist?

The reason for visiting your dentist impacts the frequency. Usually, dentists agree that patients should visit the dental office at least once every six months. However, patients with great oral health may not need checkups twice. Instead, they can visit a dentist once a year. Still, you need that go-ahead from your dentist once they ascertain you have excellent oral health.

Some patients may require more than two dental checkups a year. You will need checkups every 3 to 4 months if you have underlying health problems or are receiving treatment for a bacterial infection.

Are Regular Dental Checkups Really as Important as Dentists Say?

If your dentist keeps insisting on regular checkups, don’t you think they may know something you do not? The importance of dental examination is evident when you consider the following:

  1. Early detection and treatment of oral problems – when a dentist examines your mouth often, they identify underlying issues early. It heightens your chances of curing diseases without incurring any permanent damage.
  2. Preventive dental care – if you know anything about dentistry, you acknowledge that preventive care is fundamental for excellent oral health. Dental checkups are the most basic dental care measure in preventive dentistry. They are crucial for fighting oral problems by catching them early.
  3. Habit counseling – dentists can help you abandon all the oral habits that threaten good oral health. Usually, after evaluating your mouth, a dentist can identify some of the oral habits that may contribute to the initial oral state. After your oral exam, the dentist may recommend strategies like wearing a night guard to protect your teeth from excessive teeth grinding at night.
  4. Managing risk factors – sometimes, it only takes a dental exam to know that you are at a high risk of certain oral problems. For example, an oral cancer screening can help you realize that you are a high-risk patient for oral cancer. You can say the same about gum disease or dental cavities.
  5. Managing general health – a dentist is not just concerned for your oral cavity. Instead, through observing and examining your mouth, (s)he can identify various factors that point to underlying health conditions. For instance, a dentist can tell if you have diabetes or sleep apnea just by examining your mouth.


Before your first dental visit, it can be difficult to imagine yourself regularly visiting your dentist. However, the first step will prove that you have a lot to get from routinely visiting your dentist. Besides, how else are you supposed to maintain excellent oral health on your own?