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BX Dental - Dental Office in Bronx, NY

If you are looking for a dental clinic in Bronx, NY. Look no further than BX Dental!

Our experienced Bronx dentist offers a full range of services for your oral healthcare needs. The list of services includes general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry ,emergency dentistry, endodontics,dental implants, and Invisalign®️. Whether you're a first-time patient or you've been coming to the office for many years, we can take care of all your needs. By offering a full-service approach to dentistry, we ensure that all our patients have the care they need when they need it. Don't lose sight of your oral healthcare when a local dentist in Bronx, NY, is right around the corner.


About the Doctor

Dr. Daniel Choi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but is of South Korean descent. He immigrated to the United States at the age of seven, and grew up in Westchester, New York. He received his Bachelor's Degree from New York University, College of Arts and Science in 2012. He continued his education at New York University, College of Dentistry where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2018. He completed a General Practice Residency program in Harlem Hospital in 2019. Dr. Choi comes from humble beginnings with a unique background which has developed in him a great passion for humanity. He speaks three different languages and communicates well regarding different disease processes and treatment options available. He is determined to provide ethical and competent care to all his patients who want to prioritize their health and function. He values the quality of transforming his patients to become educated consumers of health. He ultimately believes in the power of partnership between patient and doctor to provide the best care possible. Dr. Choi is married to his wife and anticipates having children. He enjoys developing healthy lifestyle habits such as cycling, working out and gardening during the warmer months.

Ethically Competent

BX Dental and the rest of our team of dental professionals work hard to stay updated on the latest technology, procedures, and treatments in dentistry.

Friendly and Involved Staff

The BX Dental team is friendly and involved in every step of the process and will happily answer questions and listen to potential concerns.

Clean Environment

BX Dental ensures that every time you walk into our clinic, you can expect a clean, sterile, and comfortable environment.

Multilingual Practice

BX Dental can help patients who speak Spanish, Korean, and English!

Our Services


Preventative Dental Care

Preventative dental care involves the first dental treatment area relating to preventive and restorative care of teeth. This area of dentistry mainly involves observing and diagnosing the oral and dental health through dental examinations, radiographs, and teeth cleanings.


Basic Dental Care

Basic dental care is a method of oral care focusing on common procedures that are uncovered through preventative care. Our basic dental care services include white-colored fillings, dental deep cleaning, dental crowns, and dental bridges.


Advanced Dental Care

Advanced dental care involves the replacement and restoration of missing or damaged teeth. These procedures are done to repair our patients’ smiles and prevent further damage. The most common procedures are emergency dental care, root canals, tooth extractions, dental bone grafts, and dental implants.


Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic dentistry is a method of oral care focusing on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth, gums and overall smile. Our cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, dental veneers, invisalign, and dentures.


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